„Personal data“ is information about people. 12. The fact that no commission should be paid to the agent after the termination of the contract, whether by a timely agreement or otherwise, unless the agreement is renewed and the parties agree on this point or the arbitrator, if referred to, does not have to accept such a commission either by an interim lease , or, finally, under the conditions that the arbitrator deems appropriate. the parties signed this agreement on the date and year above. 11. That, at the end of this contract, the accounts between the parties be corrected mutually within one month of the date of the end of the contract. If one party does not assist in the review or adjustment of the accounts and inventory, the other party may review and register accounts on the finding of the president of the district lawyers association at the …………. and the provision of the IC. 9 applies to these conditions. Event marketing is a competitive industry. Stand out from your competition with this PandaDoc event marketing model! and manufacturers intend to open retail stores in different cities in India and are prepared to designate agents for this purpose who are only required to carry out sales of the producer`s products.

6. The agent may not sell items at a price lower than that marked by the manufacturer or fixed from time to time by the manufacturer for the item. All items that are polluted or partially broken or that are not marketable or which, by other means, are manifestly depreciated may only be suspended from sale by the agent with the manufacturer`s prior consent, at prices that must be mutually regulated between the parties. The agent has the right to grant a concession to a former representative`s client or to an agent`s relationship in value of no more than 5% of the negotiable value of an item premium. The agent indicates, as stipulated in the agreement, the fact of such a concession price sale in the reference he submitted each week. That the agent has a sum of Rs………. I have to drop him off. guarantee for the proper compliance of the terms of this agreement and its adaptation to the price of the goods delivered from time to time by the manufacturer to the agent. 9.

That the agreement may be in effect for a period of two years, but which, in the event of bankruptcy or welfare of the representative or at the end of a 14-day period, notified or sent by letter recommended to the agent at the aforementioned address, in the event of a delay or violation by the agent with respect to one of the terms of this agreement. The agent may also terminate this contract after giving the manufacturer a one-month termination period in one of the above modes, if the manufacturer does not comply with or comply with the terms of this agreement. 3. The representative takes a proper account and issues a cash voucher for each item he has sold, prepared in three copies, the readable copy of which will be presented to the manufacturer by the representative every Friday or the day after the seller`s opening, in case Friday is a day of proximity. Copies of these vouchers are accompanied by an account closing indicating the goods received by the manufacturer`s representative during the previous week, which ends on the Saturday before the Friday during which the return is made. While the manufacturer produces banyans, underwear, stockings and other clothing of all kinds. A convention to be reissued……………. Day of ……………… abc-Co.

Ltd., whose headquarters are in…………. (hereafter referred to as manufacturer) of a part AND PN Son of………………. Residence of……………. (hereafter the agent) of the other party.