As a BMO InvestorLine client, you can buy and sell Canadian fixed rate or U.S. dollar products online. Start by searching through one of the largest online bond inventories to find the fixed income product that matches your investment criteria. Choose from different types of fixed income products, including federal, provincial and corporate bonds, strip coupons and residual bonds, T-Bills, commercial paper and bank acceptances. A LIRA or locked-in-RRSP is similar to a regular RRSP, except that it is governed by a lock-in agreement that ensures that the transferred pension funds and subsequent income are used to provide regular old-age income. In other words, it cannot be withdrawn or withdrawn into a capital before the indicated retirement age. Some investors have multiple LIRAs or RRSPs blocked because they have worked in different companies. A line of credit is available for customers who wish to purchase securities without paying them in full. The term „margin“ refers to the portion of the funds that you must provide for the purchase with the line of credit. In order to ensure quality customer service, we guarantee a 100% refund* for all unauthorized transactions made to your account resulting in a direct loss. See our online security guarantee for more information.

NOTE: For plan holders whose contributions exceed $2,000 as at February 26, 1995, the transitional rules allow for the recovery of the surplus and the deduction of it from future RRSP contribution premises (up to a maximum of $6,000) instead of requiring the immediate withdrawal of the surplus. You can deposit money into your BMO InvestorLine account: you can also send us a cheque. Make sure your BMO InvestorLine account number is on the cheque. Please note that your cheque must be cashed before you can place a trade. There is nothing stopping you from taking more than the minimum. However, if you do, any deductible is subject to withholding tax. The withholding tax will be taken into account when calculating your tax payable when filing your annual return. Currency conversions can be made on all accounts except Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) accounts.

Canadian and U.S. currencies can be exchanged at this time. In your bank account, you can add BMO InvestorLine to your list of custom „accountants.“ Go to the Bill Payment section of your online banking website and follow the steps to add a new accountant. For foreign exchange transactions, fees are integrated into the transaction. You can contact us by phone and have us transfer money from your BMO Bank of Montreal bank account or transfer money between online accounts through BMO Bank of Montreal Online Bank. The exchange rate is based on the current trade value of the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar. Alternative FUNDS were created to accept the transfer of stranded assets from a Life Income Fund (LIF), a locked-in RSP contract concluded after May 8, 2008 or, in certain circumstances, pension benefit credits.

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