This paragraph provides an example of assets that can be included and excluded in the offer. The precise description of assets and liabilities is essential to avoid any misunderstandings that could cause serious problems when the purchase is concluded. A lawyer may specify the assets and liabilities to be included and excluded in the proposed transaction. If you agree to the above terms and wish to continue the proposed transaction on this basis, please sign this letter in the section below and return an executed copy. The rest of this letter presents its contents in the form of several articles each dealing with a number of topics. The article entitled „I. The buyer „seeks a report on the party that must acquire shares of the company concerned. The first place available in this paragraph is called „the buyer“ by the term parenthesis that followed. Enter the legal name of the buyer in this area. Go through this paragraph by creating the building, street and away number of the buyer`s postal address on the space in front of the term „city“ and then the accompanying city on the space that follows these words. The last disk space available in this paragraph requires the status of the buyer`s postal address recorded on its contents. This will complete the buyer`s identification process before signing, so that up-to-date information is displayed. (b) The purchase price of the assets would be up to „TOTAL DOLLAR AMOUNT OF PURCHASE PRICE] and, subject to an adjustment as below and payable in a final agreement, payable as follows (the „purchase price“): the seller who transfers ownership of the relevant action to the purchaser as soon as the terms of this letter are met, should sign the „Signature of the Seller“ line and enter the „date“ on the „ongoing“ line.

The order of these signatures does not matter – although both before the end of the day are in XVI. The „Print Name“ line under the seller`s signature expects that the name of this part will be represented in characters or characters. (d) the parties` implementation of the final agreement and ancillary agreements; (ii) for a trust agent acceptable to both parties, who must be held after closing for a period of [NUMBER OF DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS] to ensure compliance with the seller`s obligations after the final sale agreement is concluded.