Most landlords want students to sign a 12-month lease (the „duration“ of the lease), as it can be difficult to find tenants for the summer months. You can try to negotiate a shorter term or offer a reduced rent during the summer months. Remember to always make sure that such agreements are included in the written rental agreement. Many tenants often try to sublet their units when they are gone in the summer. Some rules to follow: If you assign your rental agreement, you will transfer all your future rights and obligations from the original lease to the new tenant. A tenant must have the lessor`s agreement to assign a lease. A lessor may authorize assignments, but refuse a particular assignee as long as it does not act arbitrarily or inappropriately. A tenant may have the right to terminate a rental agreement (with a reasonable period of time) if a lessor refuses the assignment. If you assign a lease without the landlord`s consent, the landlord can negotiate a new lease with the person who now lives in the apartment. Under these conditions, it is preferable to get legal advice. The tenant is responsible for the rent if the tenant chooses to sublet the room. Your landlord can`t force you to sign a new lease or extension. At the end of the term, it is automatically considered that you have renewed your lease as a monthly lease under the same conditions as your previous lease, with the exception of authorized rent increases.

This will give you more flexibility in early termination of your lease if necessary. Off-campus living is a big step towards independence, but there`s a lot to know before you sign your first lease. Check out some of our resources to learn more about the Rental Housing Act and your lease. A lease can be made in writing, orally or tacitly (for example. B by payment of rent). All are equally binding and can only be terminated in accordance with RTA. However, the difficulty for anyone who relies on an oral agreement is always to prove exactly what has been agreed. Important agreements are usually always written.

If you all appear on the same lease for most leases, you are responsible for the entire rent to the lessor. Your obligation to the owner is referred to as a „global debt“. If one of your roommates doesn`t pay their share of the rent, the landlord can take care of the remaining roommates to make up the difference and is able to start eviction proceedings. It would then be your responsibility to sue the defaulting roommate for his share of the rent. .