If we often see the subject before the sentence, this is not the case in this case. When it begins in a sentence with there, the subject appears according to the verb. The verb here precedes the position of the subject. Choose the correct form of the verb in parentheses in the following sentences A number/number if it is interpreted as having almost similar meanings. A number means number and the number means number. In sentences, a number has a plural couple, while the number has a couple of singular verbs. Note: beware! In Example A, the word majority becomes a separate subject and is considered singular eh sorry singular, so the right verb to be a partner believes. While in example B, the word majority is accompanied by the plural that is student, then the right verb is to believe without -s. There was a series of phone calls there was a series of phone calls There was an accident last night 6.

The use of credit cards instead of cash (c/a) has increased rapidly in recent years The following groups of words are groups of plural words and are often considered singular. 1. Carol and her classmates organize the 8th cost of living party in this country, as in many others, at an all-time high level There is another one that is part of the collective. The collective name of this indicates time, money and size. This group of words is considered a singular, although it sounds pluralistic. We have super-complete, practical and application! 2. The image of his old friends (brings/brings) many memories remarks: The majority can be singular or plural. The majority can be singular if it is present in a single sentence as a single anyway as a subject, and the word majority can be plural if the position in the sentence is accompanied by another subname.

Example: The pants are in the drawerThe pliers were on the tableA pair of pants is in the drawerThe pliers were on the tableThey scissors are blunted In the past, we already know some groups of words that can be captured by determining the concordance of the subject, such as the indeterminate pronoun, Gerund, Soit, Ni, ni, etc. This time we will continue the discussion, because there are several other categories of words that may contain us in the subject agreement, namely The Collective Name, A Number / The Number of, the noun that looks plural although singular, and also there is and there is and there are. .